Bran & Raisin Muffin Mix 32 oz
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The goodness of bran and the sweetness of raisins are combined in this traditional, beloved muffin. Hot from the oven, these are a welcome treat anytime.

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, Wheat bran, Sifted whole wheat flour, Raisins, Raw sugar, Non-aluminum baking powder, Sea salt

Nutrition information per serving size  2.6oz dry mix About 1 muffin

 12 servings per container

Calories  240  cal from fat 10  Total fat  1g  Sat Fat 0g  Trans Fat 0g  Cholest 0mg  Sodium 450mg  Total Carb 56g  Dietary Fiber 9g  Sugars 10g  Protein 7g

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Bran & Raisin Muffin Mix 32 oz

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